how does it work?

  1. Stop by any time during business hours and pick out a piece of "bisque" (plain white porous ceramic) from the following sections: KITCHEN ESSENTIALS AND DISHWARES (i.e. serving sets, cups, mugs, plates, trays, bowls), HOME DECOR (i.e. wall d├ęcor, picture frames, vases, trinket boxes, ornaments), or KIDS SECTION AND MAN CAVE (i.e. children's figurines, piggy banks, F-18 jets, monster trucks, ATVs, princess figurines, pop culture and movie characters), and a recently added year round HOLIDAY AREA.
  2. Take a seat at one of our beach-themed tables and we will get you set up on cleaning and prepping your bisque
  3. Plan out the paint colors, designs, logos and such for your item (we have idea books, stencils, and carbon copy tracing paper to help you create your masterpiece)
  4. PAINT AWAY...make plans to stay with us for a couple hours!

Don't worry about cleanup--we've got you covered. Leave your pottery for us to glaze and fire into a shiny, food-safe, unique work of art. (PLEASE NOTE: this process takes about 5 days ... there are early fire and shipping options to better fit your needs, so please ask a staff member for more information)

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